Advantages of photon rejuvenation

a. Comprehensive treatment of the skin, while treating a variety of skin defects.

b. Deep care can comprehensively improve skin texture, whiten and tender skin while treating.

c. No anesthesia, short treatment time, no impact on normal work and social networking, suitable for busy modern people.

Therapeutic principle of photon rejuvenation technology

a. biological stimulation the photochemical effect produced by strong pulsed light acting on the skin will produce chemical changes in the molecular structure of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis and restore the original elasticity. In addition, its photothermal effect can enhance vascular function and improve circulation, so as to achieve the therapeutic effect of eliminating wrinkles and narrowing pores.

b. Photopyrolysis principle because the content of pigment clusters in diseased tissue is much higher than that in normal skin tissue, the temperature rise after absorbing light is also higher than that in skin. Use their temperature difference to seal the diseased blood vessels, rupture and decompose the pigment without damaging the normal tissue