Does photon rejuvenation work once? How about photon rejuvenation?

The time interval between the first and second times of photon rejuvenation, or between the next and last time, is generally 3 to 4 weeks. In order to facilitate memory, it can be four weeks, equivalent to once a month, which is easier to remember. Because the interval between three weeks and four weeks is not much different, but it must be done many times. Because photon damage to pigment and blood vessels, including the improvement of wrinkles, requires continuous stimulation for many times to have a good effect.

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Photon rejuvenation is ineffective and ineffective. As long as it persists, it also has a good effect. Photon rejuvenation is to restore the elasticity of the skin after it acts on the skin, stimulate fibroblasts to secrete more collagen, smooth the small wrinkles on the face, improve the firmness of the skin, and have a significant effect on improving the problems of acne red marks, thick pores and photoaging skin.

Photorejuvenation takes about 20 minutes at a time, once every three weeks. The effect of a course of photorejuvenation can last for 2 to 3 years, but the essence of photorejuvenation is symptomatic treatment, which can not be done once and for all. Skin maintenance is not an overnight thing. The key is that people should do a good job in nursing work.

In fact, the treatment process of photon rejuvenation is also very simple. Usually, it only takes about ten minutes, and then you can wash your face, which will not affect the normal work quality. After one time, you can see the significant effect. The plan is to do it once a month, about 4 to 6 times, and then you can make the skin reach a good state.

In fact, the therapeutic effect of photon rejuvenation is also relatively long. Small problems of skin can be well solved and will not recur in general. It belongs to a cosmetic technology, which mainly uses the photochemical effect to stimulate the skin, so that the elastic fibers produce chemical changes in the molecular structure, rearrange and restore the original elasticity, Therefore, it can achieve a good effect of eliminating wrinkles and narrowing pores.