Four safety methods for laser hair removal

From the current treatment results, laser hair removal is very safe. Laser hair removal technology has been studied since the last century. Up to now, it has fundamentally replaced the traditional drug hair removal. The current freezing point depilation is equipped with a contactable cooling system, which can keep some temperatures within safe limits, and it is not easy to leave scars in depilation.

At present, the safety of laser hair removal is based on the advanced laser equipment and advanced laser hair removal skills. We can analyze the safety of laser hair removal from the principle and results of skills:

  1. Selective depilation principle: the most appropriate laser wavelength can be fully received by hair follicle tissue, and the energy can effectively pass through the epidermis to reach the position of hair follicle location, effect on different parts and depths of hair follicles, and then effectively remove hair from all parts and depths of the human body. This is because the laser can have selective reception effect and is as accurate as shooting, so it is safe for the epidermis to only hurt the hair without damaging the skin.
  2. Hair removal is fast and accurate. Whether it is small-area fine hair or large-area coarse hair, the efficiency of laser hair removal is very high. Its light spot can be generally covered, which frees the low efficiency of traditional hair removal and greatly shortens the time of hair removal, which also reduces various risks of hair removal and will not lead to pigment precipitation.
  3. The energy intensity adjustable laser uses energy conversion to destroy hair follicles, so many people worry that too much heat will burn the skin. In fact, there is no need to worry at all. Because the energy of the laser can be adjusted intelligently, and the synchronous cooling installation can reduce the temperature, and then it is useful to maintain the skin from being damaged by heat and prevent pain.
  4. Pay attention to the skin maintenance after hair removal and conduct laser hair removal. In order to ensure safety, the laser energy attack should rise steadily from low energy to high energy, and the energy density should be determined according to the skin response. We should also pay attention to sunscreen and maintenance. We should pay special attention to that if some slight redness and swelling appear after laser hair removal, don’t panic. This is a normal skin psychological response scene, which can be recovered within 2 ~ 3 days. Just follow the doctor’s advice and do a good job in various nursing methods, you can achieve complete hair removal results, and will not leave erythema or scar.

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