How about photon rejuvenation to remove pregnancy spots?

Pregnancy spot is a kind of color spot on a woman’s face during pregnancy. This kind of color spot is very stubborn. So how to remove it is the best. Here’s how to remove pregnancy spot with photon rejuvenation.

The emergence of pregnancy spots is a problem that puzzles women. Many women will have pregnancy spots. Now photon rejuvenation to pregnancy spots is a good choice, which can make you restore smooth skin. The treatment of photon rejuvenation is through the use of continuous strong pulse photon technology and non-invasive technology to help you remove all kinds of color spots, which has a better effect on talent spots. The therapeutic effect of photon rejuvenation is very ideal, but it needs many times of treatment.

The specific treatment times of photorejuvenation to remove pregnancy spots should be determined according to the long spots of each woman, mainly according to the specific location of long spots and the number of long spots. General patients can achieve perfect results after 3-4 times of treatment. Moreover, it can be maintained for a long time after photon rejuvenation treatment. If the treatment of skin is slightly worse, it can also be maintained for 2-3 years. If the skin is better, it can be maintained for a longer time after photon rejuvenation treatment.

How about photon rejuvenation to remove pregnancy spots_ How to remove spots with photon rejuvenation

The following points should be paid attention to in post photorejuvenation nursing:

  1. After treatment, because the skin is delicate, it is necessary to prevent sun exposure. Apply (SPF 20-25) sunscreen when going out. Aspirin and alcohol (including alcohol containing cosmetics) are strictly prohibited. Do not squeeze, press, touch or rub the treatment surface.
  2. During the treatment, the patients were forbidden to eat photosensitive food (such as celery, leek, coriander, etc.) and photosensitive drugs. Sensitive skin fast food that can cause skin allergy.
  3. After treatment, because the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced and the metabolism is accelerated, some patients may have dry skin and lack of water. Therefore, skin care must be taken after operation to supplement sufficient water and nutrition.
  4. Do not use glycolic acid, A-acid and other products within a week, and avoid physical exfoliating products with great irritation.
  5. Some patients may have local redness and swelling after treatment, which generally disappears within 24-72 hours without treatment. A few patients may have scab and purpura, which will fall off and disappear within 2 weeks. It is very important to keep the wound dry and clean during this period.

Nowadays, women pay more and more attention to their skin problems. There are many ways to treat their skin. Photon rejuvenation is very effective, but photon rejuvenation care is also very important. Only by doing photon rejuvenation care well can you have perfect skin.