How about photon rejuvenation? What are the effects of photon rejuvenation?

Nowadays, Photorejuvenation has been popular for many years. However, its effect is not unanimous, and there are still voices of complete negation in the diversity of opinions. Why?

Photon rejuvenation

First of all, let’s talk about the difference between photorejuvenation and laser:

Photons are strong light passing through a filter to intercept a full wavelength light, which will shine into different levels of skin tissue and produce certain biological effects. Laser is a single accurate wavelength. Compared with the full wavelength of photons, its single wavelength light has a relatively single effect on tissue.

Action principle and efficacy of photon rejuvenation

Whitening and freckle removal: intense pulsed light can selectively act on the subcutaneous pigment particles (including pigmentation), quickly and effectively decompose them, and then these fine pigment particles are swallowed and metabolized by the surrounding tissue cells (hint: intense pulsed light is only effective for the surface stain or pigmentation and dark yellow skin, but has little effect on the stain of the true inner skin).

Rejuvenation and firming: strong pulsed light acts on the tissue cells of the true inner skin layer, stimulates fibroblast precursor cells to secrete more collagen, smoothes small wrinkles, improves firmness and rejuvenation, and makes the skin more elastic.

Prevention and treatment of acne: intense pulsed light acts on the sebaceous glands, inhibits the excessive secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, and alleviates and prevents the condition of acne.

Dispel red blood filaments: intense pulsed light can selectively act on hemoglobin in capillaries, destroy and decompose dilated blood vessels without damaging normal tissue cells, so as to achieve the effect of dispelling red blood filaments. It can be used to treat rosacea, blush, telangiectasia, acne red marks and fresh erythema nevus.

Improve skin quality: intense pulsed light acts on the epidermis, accelerates the metabolism of tissue cells in the epidermis, and effectively improves the skin problems of dark skin color, rough skin, pigmentation, large pores and photoaging.

So, what about the treatment of photon rejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is a process of gradual accumulation and improvement. Generally, a course of treatment needs 5 times, with an interval of about three weeks, so as to obtain effective rejuvenation effect. After the course of treatment, it can be treated every 3 to 6 months to maintain the curative effect and maintain a good white and tender skin for a long time.