How long can photon freckle removal last? How many times does photon rejuvenation freckle have a good effect?

Principle of photorejuvenation and freckle removal: it uses the light wave band with the absorption ability of photons to melanin to fade spots; In addition, the intense pulse photon energy of the photon rejuvenation instrument is used to physically peel off the cuticle or granular layer of the epidermis, so as to dilute the spots!

Photon freckle

Before photorejuvenation freckle removal, it is necessary to identify freckles: photorejuvenation freckle removal refers to the effect on freckles, not all freckles have an effect! If you are chloasma, please do not do photon freckle removal, otherwise it will have the opposite effect!

Several times of photon rejuvenation and freckle removal have an effect: photon freckle removal is generally treated according to the course of treatment, 4-6 times a course of treatment, usually once every 3-4 months, which has an obvious effect of reducing spots. It has been there since the first time!

Can photon rejuvenation completely remove freckles? The answer is no! Photon rejuvenation and freckle removal can only play an obvious role in weakening freckles, but it can not completely eradicate freckles! Research shows that: the roots of freckles are in the basal layer of the epidermis. Only by separating all the roots of freckles through freckle separation technology can freckles be completely removed, but photon rejuvenation and freckle removal cannot be done!

Photon rejuvenation freckle recovery time

In the front row, photon rejuvenation and freckle removal, 4-6 times per course of treatment, with an interval of 3-4 months; In other words, after a course of treatment, the normal situation is about 2 years! But this kind of normal ideal reply time is very rare!

Second, the interval between photon rejuvenation and freckle removal is different for everyone!

People with freckles have different background colors and different recovery periods: the recovery period with white background color will be shorter, about 3 months; Otherwise, the recovery period will be longer, with a maximum interval of about 6 months! Therapists’ mastery of the energy of photon rejuvenation instruments varies with their proficiency: if the energy given by therapists each time is very high, it will cause a large amount of skin discoloration. After the discoloration disappears, they should be treated twice, usually at an interval of 12 months!

Every freckle person has clear freckles, fuzzy freckles and freckles that do not grow. Only by separating the roots of these three freckles at one time through freckle separation technology can freckles be completely removed!