How much does it cost to do a photon rejuvenation? What is the price range of photon rejuvenation?

With the continuous progress of the technology of cosmetic surgery to make your face beautiful, there is a new skin rejuvenation technology, which is photon rejuvenation. This technology is a non-invasive skin medicine, which can eliminate fine lines, remove color spots, shrink sweat holes, whiten your skin, and color light rejuvenation. So how much does it cost to do photon rejuvenation?


The price of photorejuvenation is generally between 1000-5000 yuan / time. The fluctuation of the unit price of photorejuvenation is relatively large because it is affected by some factors.

1、 It has something to do with the beauty seeker’s own skin condition

The cost of photon rejuvenation is related to the situation of the beauty seeker. Because the situation of each beauty seeker is different, the treatment methods and treatment parts used in the operation are different, so the number and scope of needs are also different, so the price will be different.

2、 It has something to do with the doctor chosen by the beauty seeker

The price of choosing regular and qualified doctors will be different from that of ordinary doctors. The doctor of photorejuvenation should have the knowledge and skills of skin and laser at the same time, otherwise it will not achieve good therapeutic effect. Pulse light has many parameters to be adjusted and has a certain safety range. If the parameters are wrong or excessive, it will either have no effect or cause blisters, scabs or skin breakage.

3、 It is related to the selected hospital and other factors

The price of photorejuvenation is related to the selected hospital and other factors. For consumers, the value of rejuvenation with photon technology is that it can not only effectively treat the defects on the skin surface, but also safely and effectively improve the elasticity, color and delicacy of the skin, so as to meet the consumers’ pursuit of high-quality image to a great extent. Therefore, when choosing a photorejuvenation hospital, beauty seekers should not blindly refer to the influence of photorejuvenation price factors, and must take safety and photorejuvenation effect as an important basis for selection.