How to care for skin after photon rejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is a rare beauty method, which can dilute black spots, aggravate wrinkles, and keep skin delicate and smooth. However, Photorejuvenation is not increasing day by day. After completion, we should do a good job in career care, and nurses should extend and maintain their time.

[precautions after photorejuvenation] how to care for skin after photorejuvenation?

  1. 1-3 days after photorejuvenation

No matter which age group of people do Photorejuvenation, it will bring different levels of pain and sadness, redness and swelling, or tissue fluid exudation, especially for people who are sensitive to pain and sadness, which will affect abnormal bedtime and rest.

Under the guidance of the doctor, we can reasonably use drugs to protect the wound, aggravate the pain and wait patiently for the tissue fluid to dry.

The first three days after the operation are sad. For people who have a little or part of photon rejuvenation, they can wipe some parts with a sterile cotton swab dipped in a little normal saline to prevent infection.

  1. 4-6 days after photorejuvenation

On the fourth day, the wound is crusted and itchy. It can use cotton swabs and a little saline to make the part damp. It can not wipe the cream automatically. Because the emulsifier contained in the cream will extend the wound healing time. It is no harm to use the moisturizing products used by highly sensitive skin, maybe the makeup spray, with a small number of guidelines to smear.

On the sixth day, the wound had been completely scab, and at this time, a little cleansing milk could be used. When you wash your face, you can choose the emulsion or perhaps the cleansing cream. After you wash your face, you can apply the water emulsion in real time, and the trace oil can reduce the skin tension.

  1. 7-14 days after photorejuvenation

As the skin cannot be cleaned within a week after Photorejuvenation, the deterioration of skin quality belongs to abnormal scene, so there is no need to be too melancholy.

After a week, focus on skin cleaning and deep moisturizing. You can choose the paste moisturizing mask to reach the deep and clean result. It can wet the skin and is able to peel itself off in the process of cleaning. You can’t pull the wound indirectly with your hands or maybe you can get rid of the scab. After using the paste moisturizing mask, you can choose the moisturizing mask to reduce facial discomfort and tightness.

Warm reminder

Choose a regular hospital to do Photorejuvenation, and stop eating photosensitive food in the era, such as coriander, leek or celery.

Those who love beauty in the Department can show some redness and swelling after taking over the treatment, which can disappear within 72 hours. There is no need for special treatment.

It shows purpura or scab, which can fall off and disappear within two weeks, keeping the wound clean and dry.

After photon rejuvenation, the skin absorption capacity is strengthened and the metabolic rate slows down, which can present the problem of dry skin and water shortage. Therefore, sufficient nutrients and water should be added after operation.

In addition, you may not be able to squeeze the sunscreen when you go out, and you may not be able to do a good job of sunscreen when you rub it. In addition, you may not be able to do a good job of sunscreen when you go out.