Is photon rejuvenation effective once? What are the advantages of photon rejuvenation?

Every woman loves beauty. People are looking forward to having white, smooth and delicate facial skin, because with such skin, the overall image can be improved a lot. However, in life, some people have bad skin conditions due to the growth of age, so they will improve it through photon rejuvenation surgery. So, is photon rejuvenation effective?

Photon rejuvenation

  1. Is photon rejuvenation effective once?

The operation is calculated according to the course of treatment. Generally, the effect of doing it once will not be obvious. It is recommended to treat it according to the course of treatment. A course of treatment needs about 3-5 times.

  1. What are the advantages of photon rejuvenation?

The photons used in photon rejuvenation can penetrate the skin without damage and be selectively absorbed by the pigment groups in the tissue and the hemoglobin in the blood vessels. Without affecting the normal cells, the photons can expand the blood vessels and decompose the pigment groups, so as to achieve the effects of spot removal, whitening and red blood filaments.

Photorejuvenation is an advanced treatment technology with remarkable therapeutic effect. It mainly uses a specific wavelength to effectively treat various diseases such as spots, pigmentation and skin relaxation on the skin. This treatment effect has no side effects and the skin will not be damaged. It can be seen that photon rejuvenation is relatively safe.

  1. Precautions after photon rejuvenation?

After photon rejuvenation, you need to pay attention to your diet, avoid eating raw, cold, spicy and irritant food, and do not drink alcohol, because spicy and irritant food and drinking can easily lead to body fire and postoperative inflammation, which is not conducive to recovery. It is also necessary to avoid sun exposure. If the weather is good, it is recommended to go out and carry a sun umbrella and wear sunglasses, which can reduce the damage of solar ultraviolet rays to the skin and help maintain the effect of photon rejuvenation. If exposed to the sun, more ultraviolet rays will penetrate the skin, cause certain damage to the skin, and easily lead to skin blackening, which may greatly reduce the skin after photon rejuvenation. Pay attention to a light diet and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C.