What age is photon rejuvenation suitable for

There is no strict limit on the age of photorejuvenation. Generally speaking, women over the age of 20 can do it. The effect will be more obvious when they are older, and it is also good for young friends to whiten with photorejuvenation.

Which age is photon rejuvenation suitable for

There is almost no age limit for Photorejuvenation, which can be done over the age of 20, and many women in their 50s also play a dozen photorejuvenation from time to time to maintain their appearance. Photorejuvenation has many functions. Young skin wants to use the photorejuvenation to whiten the pox and print. Mature age skin wants to use photorejuvenation to remove wrinkles and resist aging. Because the damage of photorejuvenation to the skin is very small, Photorejuvenation can be played at almost any age.

What age is photorejuvenation suitable for? Photorejuvenation is suitable for age

Effect of photon rejuvenation on different ages

  1. Photon rejuvenation for young skin can whiten and remove spots

Photons can penetrate the skin without damage and are selectively absorbed by the pigment groups in the tissue and the hemoglobin in the blood vessels. On the premise of not damaging the normal tissue cells, the dilated blood vessels, pigment masses and pigment cells are destroyed and decomposed, so as to achieve the effect of spot removal, whitening and freckle removal.

2 years old skin photorejuvenation can wrinkle resistance

Mature skin can also maintain good elasticity and vitality of skin collagen fibers by receiving photon rejuvenation treatment, so as to delay the appearance of skin relaxation and wrinkles. Overseas, beauty doctors generally take photon rejuvenation as a way of skin maintenance.

What age is photorejuvenation suitable for? Photorejuvenation is suitable for age

Photon rejuvenation is suitable for symptoms

At present, there are several skin problems that can be solved by photon rejuvenation: color sinking, shrinking pores, tightening skin, red blood filaments, freckle removal and wrinkle removal.

The wavelength of pulsed light irradiated by different skin problems is different, and the effect is also different. The corresponding treatment effects can be found in the following table, but this wavelength is not fixed. Comprehensive treatment should be carried out according to your skin type and the suggestions of professional doctors.

What age is photorejuvenation suitable for? Photorejuvenation is suitable for age

Why does photon rejuvenation have no effect

Pay attention to treatment according to the course of treatment.

Some people feel that the effect is not very obvious after doing Photorejuvenation, so they will stop doing photorejuvenation. It is because of this wrong way that photorejuvenation fails. It only takes 20 minutes to do a photon rejuvenation. There will only be a slight burning feeling during treatment, and there is no need for any repair period. Patients must wait patiently. Generally, they need to accept it five times before they can see the obvious effect. The interval between the two times must be more than a month.